Is Halloween Killing You

Is Halloween killing you? This just might be the case if you have been looking forward to Halloween any longer than the past couple of weeks, especially if you have cherophobia, otherwise known as the fear of happiness.

Nonetheless, Halloween could be making you too happy and you could be having too much fun. Research suggests that being overly happy and cheerful could be overstimulating. By allowing yourself to maintain an excessive state of arousal, you could be setting yourself up for something physiologically and psychologically catastrophic. Too much of anything, no matter how harmless it seems, could actually be bad for you.

Too much happiness can actually cause stress. You could be overloading your body with excessive neurotransmitters and hormones that could contribute to your death, both in the short and long term. It is a fact that eustress (good stress) triggers the release of cortisol (just like bad stress) and cortisol wreaks havoc on your mind and body.

Research also suggests that the more you enjoy yourself, the more risks you might take. The happier you are, the more people may hate you for it and want to see you suffer, cause you pain or even murder you.

So should you avoid Halloween this year? I certainly don’t think so. No matter how hard it seems, just try not to enjoy yourself that much.

You could be saving your own life.