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groupon coupons

I like saving money so I’m all about Groupon. No matter what I am buying or where I am going, I always check Groupon for coupons. With my discounts, I purchase items, go places, and experience things that I sometimes couldn’t even afford at full price. Whether I am looking for a new set of headphones, cologne, batteries, towels, USB chargers, or anything for that matter, my search begins on Groupon. I even plan my weekends around Groupons.

When it comes to things to do in and around Orlando, Groupon is a great resource for saving money. Always check it before making your plans. One time I forgot and went to a restaurant and paid full price when I didn’t have to. After dinner, as we were driving down the road, my wife found a Groupon that we could have used and I am still kicking myself about it to this day. Don’t be like me and miss out on saving money. Before I even think about spending money, I am all over Groupon looking for the best price.


Just the other day the doctor suggested I start taking a B12 supplement. Rather than pick it up at the store and pay full price, I found a Groupon for some liquid B12 for more than 50% off! I also found amazing deals on just about every type of headphone and earbud known to man. How great is that? If you like saving money as much as me, you are probably already using Groupon. If not, you should really get on that. You should also connect with Groupon on Facebook and Twitter.

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What’s the most awesome thing you’ve ever gotten with a Groupon coupon?