Are your tires wearing out your wallet?

With a little explanation, it’s easy to understand why your tires are wearing the way they are. With a little understanding you can make the money you invest in your tires go further.

normal tire tread

If you are noticing wear on the outer or inner edges of your tires you have an alignment problem and should bring your vehicle in to get checked out. Wear on the inner edge indicates toe wear and wear on the outer edge indicates camber wear. If either of these alignment angles are not within specifications your tires will scrub the street and wear down much quicker.

toe wear

If you are noticing wear in the center of your tire you are overinflating your tire and should check the placard on the doorjamb or b-pillar for the manufacturers recommended tire pressure.

tire placard

If you are noticing wear on both edges your tires are underinflated and you might want to check if you have a leak.


If you are noticing patchy wear or flat spots your tires are out of balance. Another thing you may notice if your tires are out of balance is shaking in the steering wheel when you are driving down the road.

tire cupping

When your tires start cupping you have a bent or worn out suspension component and need to bring it into a suspension specialist.

tire tread pattern

I never get tired of talking about tires because without them you can’t go anywhere. To protect your investment, check your tires regularly and bring your vehicle to a repair facility at the first sign of any wear. To keep your tires wearing down properly keep them rotated every 6k miles.