drunk man with a glass in his hand isolated on white background

Do people mean to say the things they say when they are drunk? Some people say yes and some people say no. I think it depends. I think sometimes in vino veritas in wine there is truth and sometimes not. I also don’t think alcohol can make you feel, think, or say things either. I think you just care less about how people are affected by what you say as well as how your words can affect you. That is why we must drink responsibly.

People that know me know that I don’t hold a lot back when it comes to conversation. My default mode is to tell it like I see it. Over the years I’ve learned how to communicate a little better and I am a lot less intense but I will probably always enjoy expressing myself regardless of what anyone thinks. I own all of my thoughts, feelings, and behaviors regardless of whether or not I have been drinking and rarely make excuses for things I say. I may apologize if I offended someone but I avoid giving excuses. The reason for that is because I usually do mean what I say. As far as ranting goes, I enjoy it on occasion just like the next guy. It’s usually about a non issue for me. I am seldom ever that passionate against anything that comes up in conversation. I’m usually out to have a good time and enjoy a little personal interaction. When I do rant, it is usually to connect with people and seldom to reject them or achieve some sort of outcome.

Growing up, many people have had the opportunity to observe me in various degrees of intoxication. I think what came out of my mouth usually depended on the social climate. Don’t get me wrong for a minute though; there have been instances where I have put my foot in my mouth and said things I needed to apologize for later, but who hasn’t right? I have definitely made my fair share of bad decisions. With that said, I don’t think there is a particular state I gravitate toward when I have been drinking. I may get louder and more animated but I think my behavior is usually a reflection of my personality. How about you? Do you have a drunken alter ego? Are you comfortable enough about the topic to even talk about it? If you are not comfortable, don’t feel bad, most people prefer to avoid the subject altogether. For those of you that are willing to share: Tell me how you behave when you are socially lubricated. Do you find yourself apologizing a lot for things you say? For those of you that feel you have been wronged by someone who had a few too many: Do you think people really mean the things they say when they are drunk? Does it even matter if anyone means what they say or are the words more important? Talk drunk to me.

Caveat: I was not drunk when I wrote this article and no ones feelings were hurt in the creation of this content.