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For me it really is all about that bass bout that bass… When it comes to listening to music, watching videos on YouTube, or chilling with the Netflix, I prefer my audio with lots of bass. Speakers with no bass, sound like garbage to me. I have a really hard time listening to music or watching movies if the speakers are all high pitched and shrilly.

Having said all that, when it came time to buy some headphones for the office you can easily see howthese Sony MDRXB950AP Extra Bass Headphones caught my attention. I mean they have EXTRA BASS written all over the freaking box! I am a huge Sony fan anyway so this was an easy decision for me.


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When I am at my desk, I am pretty easily distracted. I don’t like to hear other people’s commotion when I am trying to get work done. When people start yapping it totally interrupts my creative processes. That is why I like my headphones for the office to completely cover my ears that way they drown out as much off the riffraff as possible. Everywhere else I prefer earbuds.

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The problem for me with wearing headphones is they usually make my ears really hot and I absolutely hate that. Do you have that problem? Good thing with these Sony headphones is they don’t heat up my ears all that much. When I wear them life is good. I can keep on being productive and focus on what need focusing. I get tired of yelling at people all day to be quiet. With a good pair of headphones, I feel like a much nicer guy at the end of the day.

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I have used my Sony headphones in my computer as well as my smartphone and they sound awesome no matter where I plug them in. If you are looking for a good headset, I most definitely recommend these. To find out more information on this and other Sony products just visit You can also find Sony on Twitter and Facebook.

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Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go back to dropping that bass.