Mophie Power Boost Mini is a great portable battery charger. It’s small enough to fit comfortably in your pocket and capable of recharging most smartphones and small devices. Mophie Power Boost Mini’s 2,600 mAh capacity makes it the ideal charger for those times you want to bring along more power but don’t want to be weighed down by a gigantic bulge in your pants. If one full charge will do ya, this portable charger is the way to go.

Portable battery chargers come in a wide variety of shapes, size, and colors. Usually the higher the capacity, the heavier and bulkier they get. Ultra-high capacity chargers are awesome to have but not always conducive to your environment. Mophie Power Boost Mini is one of my favorite portable chargers to pack in my pocket when I plan on doing lots of walking. It’s my go to charger I bring along to theme parks and keep in my pocket on most thrill rides. Even water rides!

Be careful about getting Mophie Power Boost Mini wet though. This charger is by no means waterproof and if you get it wet it will probably never work again. To add a little water resistance to this or any other electronic device bring a few Ziplock bags with you. As long as the bags don’t leak they should keep splashes and summer rain storms from ruining your equipment. I’ve been doing this for years and only had a problem one time when I was kayaking and my phone slipped out of my pocket into a couple inches of water that accumulated in the bottom of my kayak. It sloshed around under water for several hours until eventually the bag finally sprung a leak and my phone was destroyed. So If you’re going to be around water just be careful and you should be fine.

There are loads of battery chargers on the market these days. Some care capable of recharging your devices and wearables multiple times over but can also get a bit pricey. While those are great to own, you can’t always bring them along with you comfortably. When you’re going to be on the go, you want something reliable and compact. You want something like a Mophie Power Boost Mini.