Live and Let Blog’s Haunt of the Year award goes to none other than Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights. Not because it just so happens to be the only haunt I visited this year either, because it is.

jack is back hhn25

Nor is it simply because this is a sponsored post and I was given free admission, a lights on tour through three haunted houses, access to rides, and the RIP Experience either. I was in fact given those things but my opinion is still my opinion and if you want to hear it keep reading. Otherwise just scroll through and look at the pictures it’s all good. After that if you don’t agree this place is awesome then you just aren’t a true horror fan.

pumking carving hhn25

pumkin head hhn25

I have been to a lot of haunted houses in my day. My wife and I have both written about some them on her blog Life with Lisa. Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights ranks up there as one of my all-time faves. Not only is the venue bigger than any haunt I have ever been given the opportunity to experience but it is packed with so many more themes than your average haunted attraction. Oh and did I mention there are rides?

haunted bellman hhn25

As soon as I passed through the security checkpoint, I knew I was in for a spooktacular evening. Roaming the streets there seemed to be hundreds of zombies, spooks, creeps, and ghouls lurking in the shadows and moving through the crowds wanting nothing more than to give you a scare. There are more scare actors in this place than anywhere I have ever been. Oh the horrors!

creepy freak hhn25

Tell me this guy isn’t creepy as hell.

disturbed guy hhn25

horny ghoul hhn25

crazy girl hhn25

flesh eater hhn25

I am a horror fan through and through so after walking through the houses and being brought back with the lights turned on I was in horror heaven.

insidious hhn25

outside the purge

slaughtered lamb hhn25

peeky freak hhn25

newspaper guy hhn25

eating popcorn hhn25

I love looking at all the gory details and examining the inner workings. I get most of my satisfaction from checking out the props and artwork. Check out this werewolf from American Werewolf in London!

transformation hhn25

transformation unmasked hhn25

Sorry, had to check.

warewolf had to look

It’s hard to say which house was my favorite as I appreciated each one for what it was.

snarles hhn25

But if I were forced to choose I would say my favorite house was American Werewolf in London.


I mean just look at the glorious beasts!

werewolf london hhn25

Oh the carnage!

massacre hhn25

tv murder hhn25

nurse hhn25

Of course I’m a huge Purge fan.

Breakfact Murder Scene

prom queen hhn25

cheater hhn25

But there is also a special place in my heart for Insidious.

creepy sheet people

stabby lady hhn25

parker hhn25

hospital bed hhn25

summoning circle hhn25

There is just something about werewolves I have always been drawn to.

werewolf profile

Regardless of which house is my favorite you can see they really put a lot of attention into detail which makes for an awesome experience. If you have any appreciation for the art of haunted housery you will love this place. If you haven’t been, you should at least go once in your life. Or you could wait for the afterlife, that’s fine too I guess. I’m sure you’ll find a place to fit in.

under a bus hhn25