Picked up these sour cream and onion Crickettes and this scorpion sucker at Skeletons: Museum of Osteology in Orlando. The gift shop in that place is incredible and packed with all kinds of strange and unusual items. Skeletons Museum has something for people of all ages including fantastic animal skulls and bones that could harden the ambiance of any man cave.

Their horned beasts would make an excellent addition to any room if you ask me.

I picked up a few stocking stuffers for my son and I to enjoy during my last visit. I bought an assortment of edible bugs and candy for him and picked out a few for myself. Although he ravaged his presents quickly, I put mine away and decided to save them for a special occasion. After discovering a pack of frozen silkworms buried deep in the freezer over the holiday weekend, I decided to bug out and eat everything.

First on the menu was The box of Crickettes. I’m not exactly sure how many were in the pack to start with because when I poured them in my hand, a stiff breeze came along and blew a few away. I was left with around seven full pieces and a few miscellaneous limbs. After crunching into the first cricket, I popped the rest in my mouth and that was that. Turns out I kind of like crickets and would much rather eat them than a bag of chips. They certainly have a lot more protein and they don’t taste bad at all. They have an enjoyable nutty flavor.

After eating my fill of lemon pepper silkworms, I picked up someplace else it was finally time for dessert. It took a while to get to the center of the scorpion sucker. I hoped to feast on the bug whole but unfortunately, it came apart in pieces as the candy melted down in my mouth. Still good though. The scorpion didn’t have much flavor, but the experience was enjoyable and the candy was good. Definitely, a sweet way to wrap up a day of eating bugs.

Skeletons: Museum of Osteology has an extensive selection of creepy crawlies the whole family can enjoy. Be sure to grab a few on during your next visit. You’ll be glad you did.