Blood sausage is one of my favorite foods to eat. Deep-fried, baked, no matter how you cook it I’m crazy about this stuff. So too are people all over the world. Despite how widespread this dish may be, for whatever reason, I can never seem to find it unless I go to an Asian or Latin supermarket. When I do find blood sausage it’s usually the Latin style (Morcilla) sausage.

Morcilla is made from pork blood, onions, rice, spices, and other tasty ingredients. Its commonly eaten as part of meals and appetizers but it’s also used as an ingredient in a wide variety of recipes. Although Morcilla is a sausage like chorizo, it’s much less spicy. Its got a sweet, savory, slightly minerally flavor all its own. Its great just about every way you cook it but something truly magical happens when you fry it.

Morcilla is already cooked so all you really need to do is warm it up. Pour some oil into a pan and while you’re waiting for it to heat up cut your sausage into slices about an inch or two thick. To keep your Morcilla together you’re going to need a really sharp knife and good technique. The casing is delicate and will fall apart easily. Cut it the best you can but don’t worry if you make a butchery of the whole thing. It will fry up just the same no matter how bad you screw it up.

Fry the Morcilla long enough for the outside to get crispy and just long enough to warm the inside. It usually only takes five or so minutes so on each side so don’t wander too far. It’ll burn fast. As your sausage cooks, some of the pieces may split open despite your best efforts but that’s ok. Unless it’s already starting to burn, flip it around and crisp the spillage. Scoop the pieces out as they finish and place them on a cooling rack or paper towel to drain.

Fried blood sausage is amazing. Its warm, soft, sweet, and savory on the inside and crispy delicious on the outside. I wouldn’t go so far as to call it a health food or anything, but it is tasty and good for the soul. If you see it at your local grocer pick it up. Otherwise, search for the closest Asian or Latin supermarket. They usually always have some kind of blood sausage.