When your back is out of whack, a good massage chair can work wonders. Owning one is almost like having a live-in massage therapist and in some respects better. Your massage chair never gets tired, doesn’t care if you fart on it, and is available on demand 24-7. You don’t need to tip it, talk to it, and no appointments are necessary. You don’t even have to be rich anymore to own one. From low end to high end, there’s a massage chair that can fit virtually any budget. You can buy a massage chair right now for as low as $500.

Massage chairs are the best thing to happen to living rooms since power recliners. Although massage chairs are more affordable now than ever before, price is still a factor. As the quality, massage functions, capabilities, and features increase, so too does the cost. Low-end massage chairs usually don’t offer more than vibration and if you’re lucky, a roller or two. To get more you’re going to have to spend more.

Purchasing a high-end massage chair can be a significant investment depending on your income. Prices generally range upwards of between $2,500 and $7000. The more advanced massage chairs offer a wider variety of positions and massage techniques such as kneading, rolling, compression, percussion, and acupressure. Virtually any advanced massage chair will have some sort of heat option to enhance the massage’s effectiveness. Some chairs even come with removable padding to make you feel like you’re getting more pressure.

When it comes time to buy a chair consider the cost first. Be realistic and don’t stretch yourself too thin. Factor in how much your trips to the massage therapist are costing you. How much are you paying per session including tip and how often? How much gas are you spending? What kind of wear and tear are you putting on your car? Don’t buy anything you really can’t afford. Make your purchase make sense. Understand warranties and cover all your bases before you buy. Buying a massage chair should reduce muscle tension and stress over time not contribute to it.

If you’re not sure if a massage chair is right for you, stop by Brookstone and try out a chair or two or three.