Recently, Lisa and I decided to head over to the Space Coast for a quick nature fix. Enjoying the day immersed in nature was the perfect remedy for a long work week. My happiness level is definitely correlated with the amount of sunshine I soak in. Working over 60 hours a week makes your off days valuable, so we decided to spend the time somewhere we knew was beautiful.

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Situated on the East Coast, Sebastian Inlet State Park has long been a favorite for anglers from across the nation.

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Visitors and locals alike are attracted to the jetties for their abundance of snook, redfish, bluefish, and Spanish mackerel. Just look at all this prime fishing real estate!

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If you plan on visiting don’t leave home without your fishing gear.

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Although the water was currently closed to the public, Surfers and paddle boarders also frequent the area.

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Whether you are looking to get your hook or paddle wet the area boasts three miles of beautiful beachline as well as the Indian River Lagoon for your kayaking pleasure.

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Apparently this is a great place to observe one of the most powerful forces of nature, from a distance of course.

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Before we delighted in a leisurely stroll down the mile-long Hammock Trial, and after peeping the best fishing spots, we visited the McLarty Treasure Museum, where we enjoyed a brief history of the area’s fishing industry.

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In the museum we met several volunteers who were from the area and kind enough to share their history with us. They will tell you all you want to know about the 1715 Spanish treasure fleet and even how to make a few knots!

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After enjoying a brief educational film and checking out all the museum had to offer we sauntered about taking in all we could. On the way out we drove through the campground and decided put a camping trip on the agenda for the near future.

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Before heading back home we decided to visit Barrier Island Sanctuary where we were treated to a hands on educational experience via interactive exhibits.

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No matter how old I get I never get tired of checking things out under a microscope. I must have spent a half hour at this exhibit microscopically examining snake skin, shells, coral, tree bark and all sorts of items you may find around the Barrier Island.

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One of these days we hope to make it back for a guided Sea Turtle Walk!

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We learned about the diverse habitats on the barrier island as well as the creatures that inhabit them.

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Volunteers were full of all sorts of information making Barrier Island perfect for anyone looking for an educational experience.

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After walking the mile-long dune-to-lagoon trail we enjoyed the rest of our time on the sparsely populated beach watching a few surfers enjoy the waves.

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