Summer is coming up soon, and that tends to be a busy Vacation season for a lot of people. Unfortunately in today’s world, going on vacation can be a scary time because if you don’t have someone watching over your house, it can be a bit scary that someone could break into your home when you are out on vacation and you will have no clue about it at all. If you plan on going on vacation sometime soon, you should probably start thinking about house safety for while you are away. Today I am going to be sharing with you 5 tips for keeping your house completely safe even while you are away and especially if you do not have someone to watch over your house for you.


  1. Security Sign: I do recommend that you have some sort of security system in your house but if you don’t, there is no harm in making burglars THINK that you do. See if you can find some sort of security sign that you can place in your yard. They are a lot less likely to try to break in if they think that you have a security system. You can also purchase a small security camera to install with a motion sensor.
  2. Refrain From Posting on Social Media: I know it’s always so exciting to post what you are doing and going on social media, but that provides an open statement that your house is wide open and no one is home! If you are going to be posting pictures and such through social media, be sure that you have a private profile that only the people you are friends with and trust can actually see what you are posting.
  3. Hold Your Mail: A great way to not create any suspicion that no one is home is to put a hold on your mail while you are away. If people see that your mail is just piling up, they will know that you are not home and you run a higher risk of having a break in.
  4. Make it Look Like Someone is Home: There are ways that you can make it look like someone is at home to reduce the risk of break-ins. You can leave your porch light on, use lighting that you can program to turn on and off or change colors throughout the day, or leave a car parked in the driveway and it makes it look as if someone is there at all times.
  5. Lock Everything: So while you are away it is pretty obvious that you will want to lock your doors, but be sure that you are locking absolutely everything. Lock all doors around the whole house, any screen doors or anything, and also lock all of your windows as well! This way you don’t need to worry about break-ins occurring from anywhere in the whole house.
If you plan to take a vacation sometime soon, be sure to take care of your home and keep it safe while you are away. Sometimes things as simple as making sure all of the windows are locked and such are not things that we typically think of right away but they are things that we NEED to think of. Take these tips into account and be sure to prevent any break-ins or burglaries that could occur while you are away.