Disclosure: This post was written by me on behalf of M&M’s World. All opinions are mine.

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To celebrate M&M’s 75th anniversary, I stopped by M&M’s World Orlando to stock up on some fresh candies and M&M’s gear. With only a handful of M&M’s World locations in the world, I feel lucky to have one just around the corner from my house in Florida Mall. I had a great experience during my visit and I learned a lot about M&M’s. The store is very colorful and the staff is extremely helpful and friendly. If you like M&M’s you will love M&M’s World Orlando.

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While touring the facility, I learned a lot about the history of M&M’s. I learned M&M’s were invented during war time. When Forest Mars saw soldiers eating candy covered in a sugary coating, his idea was born. Covering milk chocolate in a sugary covering would be a great way soldiers could enjoy chocolate without all the sticky mess. After he was granted a patent for his manufacturing process, he began production in March of 1941. M&M’s have been melting in people’s mouths and not their hands for a really long time.

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I also learned about the personalities of each M&M. Red is the boss (or at least he thinks he is) and he’s very confident. Yellow is nutty and everyone’s best friend. Green is the diva and she is very prissy. Orange is paranoid and thinks everyone wants to eat him. Blue is the coolest M&M of them all and Brown is the original, she is the chief chocolate officer. While I can relate to several M&M personalities, I think Red suits me best.

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After checking out the M&M’s Racecar for a while and imagining myself tearing around the track, bag of M&Ms in hand, I decided it was time to gather items for purchase. I decided on a Star Wars Yellow Darth Vader M&M’s Dispenser, Star Wars M&M’s Mousepad, Hans Solo Blue M&M’s pint glass, Red Oversized M&M’s Coffee Mug, and a ton of candy from the Wall of M&M’s. Satisfied with my selections, I moseyed over to the registers where I was checked out by another cheerful employee. M&M’s Orlando is such a happy place to be!

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If you are an M&M’s enthusiast, not really sure, or know someone who is, M&M’s World is worth a visit. Inside you can find a candy or product worthy of any occasion. Whether it’s a birthday, wedding, baby shower, anniversary, business engagement, or romantic gift, M&M’s World has candy and gear that can bring a smile to anyone’s face.

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Happy 75th Anniversary M&M’s!